September 05, 2014

Learning Skills for Life Graduate Wolff Bertrand: A Success Story

Learning Skills for Life provided Wolff Bertrand with the foundation for success and he truly seized the opportunity. After completing the program with flying colors, Wolff was sought out as a prospective student for FIU’s Culinary Arts Academy (CAA). With a positive recommendation from FIU’s program leaders, Wolff earned one of six scholarships sponsored by Oleta Partners, providing him full tuition to CAA’s Level I certificate program.

After completing the program, Wolff then received two different job offers within the culinary field. He decided to accept an entry-level cook position with Hyatt Regency Miami. Wolff was one of just two graduates of the Culinary Arts Academy spring who received a full-time offer from the Hyatt within two weeks of completing the 10-week program.

Wolff credits Learning Skills for Life for giving him the confidence to chase his dreams. “Education is the key for success,” he said.