Learning for Life is an integral part of DIAGEO as it helps create the foundation for fulfilled lives through education and life skills training, offering disadvantaged individuals a genuine opportunity to gain employment and become active, respected contributors to their communities.


At the core of our sustainability strategy, Learning for Life is a manifestation of DIAGEO's commitment to being a cause for positive change in communities. By 2020, Learning for Life will be a widely recognized “skills-based” educational program—within Hospitality, Retail, Entrepreneurship and Bartending—one that has actively leveraged the brands, the Diageo value chain, and the stakeholder base of DIAGEO.


Through Learning for Life, DIAGEO believes that change begets change. The program brings opportunities to those who need it, and education unleashes a ripple effect that positively impacts thousands of individuals, families, communities and societies. It is our commitment to continue to transform Learning for Life into a widely recognized ‘skills-based’ educational program known as a powerful cause for good.


Around the world, there are more than 75 programs operating in more than 35 countries, with more than 100,000 lives having been impacted since 2008. LAC is on track to impact 500,000 lives by the year 2020. In 2012, Miami became the first city in the United States to implement a program, with other cities in North America soon to follow. Additionally, other programs are being developed in Europe and Africa. As the program flourishes into its full potential over time, Learning for Life will prove to be the ultimate expression of DIAGEO’s commitment to celebrate life, every day, everywhere.